Hi, I am Camelyn.

I am a Boise native, born and raised, and like to bring the Boise charm to everything I do. I say "hi" to everyone walking past me on the street, waive at people cheerily, and say thank you often!

Portrait photography means more to me than just a captured moment in time. It's a passing memory that someday, someone will cherish. So go ahead, dear, get in front of the camera! Your child won't care about the extra five pounds you gained from one too many slices of pumpkin pie (oh, just me? alright.).

I especially love capturing your senior student as they are, right now! My own personal senior session left such a fun, profound impact on me, that I picked up my own camera. I love being able to look back at me and my friends photos from a period of my life that embodied the last rays of my childhood.

Personal Life

  • I have a son named Luca who teaches me how to be a kid again every day.
  • I am engaged!
  • I love my two dachshunds, Charles & Marshmallow

My Perfect Day

Curling up on a rainy day, listening to thunder. A fire crackling, a hot drink and a good book.

My Favorite Vacation

I'm an Idaho girl. I prefer to be camping in the mountains next to a lake. Hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire. Cold starry nights. Good company.

Weird Facts

  • I HATE velvet. It sends shivers down my spine just hearing someone touch it.
  • I have read Harry Potter so many times, 5 sets of books have fallen apart.


Oaklund Family

"Camelyn has such a fun and relaxed personality that it is easy to feel at ease with her behind the camera. She was able to capture great shots of our family without it feeling like she had to work too hard for them. Her communication, punctuality, and professionalism were all very much appreciated. We will definitely be using Camelyn again in the future."